"Cooperation with INTERMARKER is highly commendable. First of all, I have to emphasize the team's speed and professional attitude towards work. I recommend INTERMARKER!"

  Mr. Filip - Hunting Association of Southeast Serbia


"Sites are built entirely according to our desires and needs, response to each of our inquiry was immediate, and any desire for change or improvement is realized immediately.

Thanks to a new site number of inquiries we receive via the Internet and the number of orders for the work accomplished in this way increased by over 300% within three weeks.

Quality of service provided to us by Intermaker from the very beginning until today is at the highest level, communication is always very friendly and helpful, and - most importantly - the practical results are positive, but after a very short time they feel great in our business. "

Mr. Aleksandar


"Working with INTERMAKER-om, I can feel free  to say, exceptional. From the visual ideas for the site to speed the implementation of all requirements, quickly and extremely professional.

I think that INTERMAKER is ready to move to the next level and take its place at the global level. "

Mr. Sasha


"Working with Intermaker dates with long tme ago, this is not our first collaboration.
Believe me, we have not even seen, and we have, in my opinion, high-quality website.
Presentation of the motorcycle club "Resava" from Despotovac no small matter, because the site will look and read a large number of visitors from all over the country and often from all over Europe.
  Since the presentation was made (October 2011) until now we have over 50,000 visits!
  The presentation was made for two to three days, images and text I add, edit, organize.
  All this we did, and that we have not seen or heard the phone! Everything is done eit e-mails.
  Members of the site, friends of the club can write your own impressions, fill out surveys, reports, proposals, send pictures.
  Believe me, the cost of maintenance is such that I can pay privately that. It does not have a club to allocate funds for it.
  Very important thing is that when you type in a search for some word, which reminds us of our motorcycle club or site, right at the top of the offer as an option our site, so it is very easy to find. For the given word, "MOTO CLUB" our site is on the first page of Google.
  I am very pleased to have met people from InterMaker! "

Mr. Ivan


"In a very short time with you I experienced perfection, professionalism and efficiency.
I am very pleased with your services and quality. "

Mr. Milan


"My idea, to create a site that will represent my company at first said she was so amateurish. It dates from the time when the Internet began to be used, like I had a site, but I knew not much use to me because then a small number of people in our area using search engines and internet at all.
  The idea was born, I met people from Intermaker, a talk and presented their own vision, albeit on paper, so I loved it all looks.
For several days, called me to look on the internet, so it all looked.
Unbelievable! I was amazed, I was thrilled!
With very little adjustment, all the look as a great work. I am pleased with the quality of web site. And visitors are satisfied, based on the counter can visit the site at any time to know how many people reviewed.
Sometimes, when I have to change something on the site (news, events, fairs, presentations of new products) only send e-mail with pictures and words, and that was already on the site during the day. Incredibly fast!
  As for prices, I have been working, it does not cost me much, considering that `s new users contacted me and tell me that they find on the internet, this type of advertising we are very worthwhile.
Please note, I was convinced that all this waste of time and a matter of prestige, but my opinion changed in the first year of operations.
Contact us people who live in all parts of Europe, are interested in our products, installation, advice ...
  My colleagues, seeing what I did, and they began to prepare presentations of their companies.
  I forgot to mention that we have set up a camera in the city, so visitors can watch live Sluka. Someone looking for nostalgia, someone is watching the weather, traffic ...
  We also received personal e-mail address, because when you send someone an email to office @ name-your-company looks very Professional. Each employee has his e-mail address and our company looks much more serious in the eyes of business partners.
  All this is very professional, no matter how it looked to you.
Cheers ..."

Mr. Ivan


"Intermaker, have not found the problem about the site that you failed to solve, but I still dig ...
Continue this way - the biggest recommendation to all who need quality at really reasonable price! "

Mr. Ivan - Lala
Site administrator www.srbijalov.com

"I have to commend the excellent cooperation and assistance of INTERMAKER in creating and maintaining our hunting site www.srbijalov.com, always ready and available for help and intervention. Continue in that way INTERMAKER and a big thank you!"

Mr. Dejan - Sniper Hunter
Site administrator www.srbijalov.com

"The technical qualities of our site, portal and forum, which are directly related to the quality of work and expertise of our INTERMAKER, testifying nearly 2,500 satisfied members, but also all those who try to copy us!
Some day before we celebrate the third anniversary and I am sure that this would have not been had it not been INTERMAKER professional help!
And by the time we became friends, so that is, in addition to expert, and a great human qualities!
Well done with the hope that you will be long with us!"

Mr. Nikola - Sremac75
Site administrator www.srbijalov.com


"Since 1989 I use the computer as an essential tool in business and I meet every day with programming solutions, but finally I can say that the applications made ​​by INTERMAKER a concise practical and useful, what we need in order to save time and increase the productivity. Summarized informations are in one place, and way to other required information is short and easily recognizable, and the operator is always available.

I think the right partner for progress is INTERMAKER."

Mr. Milan - Indjijanac
Site administrator www.lovac.in.rs


"Hunters Association Nis with a tradition of almost 120 years, gets a web site what it deserves,  thanks to Intermaker.

I want to thank you on its own behalf and on behalf of the Hunting Association of Nis the flawless collaboration and efficiency in work. I hope we can cooperate successfully for a long time and mutual pleasure! "

Mr. Nikola Vojinovic
Secretary HA "Nis" - www.lunis.rs


We are extremely pleased with the quality of site development and the speed with which it is made.
As a hunting association that has the interest to attract as many tourists as the hunt is nowadays difficult to survive without additional funding, many people contacted us from the time when the site came up and many people saw and were satisfied with the whole story we do this.
The price is decent as is the annual (hopefully it will stay that way :) ).
We would also mention that we are extremely pleased with the speed of the site sets everything that you are asked or you can deliver.
We hope the good mutual cooperation in the future and welcome you hunting greeting
A Good Look! "

Mr. Nebojsa Zoric
Hunting area manager of HA "Beljanica" - Resavica - www.beljanica.lu.rs


"I responsibly claim that INTERMAKER one of the most deserving individuals for the development of hunting in central Serbia and beyond for their actions in a different way helps to hunting in this region reaches a higher-higher level thanks to its creativity, resourcefulness and professionalism in performing their work.
Its work has helped all of us to relate to one unit, one team, to get to know each other, to exchange different experiences of breeding, protection and improvement of wildlife populations, and in order to improve the modern hunting ground.
While no hunter is well along in this role :)
All the best in his future work wish you hunters of Sjenica. "

Mr. Malic Salihagic
Hunting area manager HA "Vrhovi" - Sjenica - www.luvrhovi.org


"Up with the times
      In this and the coming times, the electronic information to the public is the biggest breakthrough of modern technology, and the fastest way to get to the information "consumers". That is why this kind of visionary work trying to gather as many interested institutions, companies and associations to jointly offer sites with a lot of information and data about them and what is in the interest of the wider "readership".
      One of these modest but persistent follower of written electronic "word", interwoven with images and many commemorative collages and charts, Boban Stojanovic, who for years, his bold pilots "Intermaker" whose sites, videos, and other electronic sources, deserve attention.
      If you can find some of the sites, primarily hunting organizations, you will find "Intermaker" which, Ustin, the largest maker of electronic information at these times in the region of Central Serbia. Therefore, this source of data, continuously offering a "reader", the most responsible and the most beautiful word picture, which once again proves its commitment to the work done for the sake of the true and complete information in these areas.
     As one of the  "Intermaker" experts during the past year, I was able to provide information, to be in record time expertly installed at many sites, which once again proves the extensive knowledge and skills Boban Stojanovic, which is the pillar and mainstay of the largest electronic information First of all, public hunting and other "consumer information" in Serbia.
     This is, indeed, and I hope forever, "short story" about a man who is brave and worthy centennial opened the gates to map information in Serbia, and offered electronic information, as well as the necessity and the need of the time and the people who live in it.
      In step with the times. "

                                                                                      Mr. Sveta Madzarevic
writer and journalist- www.lovackisavez.rs


"Thank you VEEERY MUCH for your quality and contemporary work on the site!! We hope our long-term cooperation and once again THANK YOU!!! I recommend!
Sincerely, beauty salon "Lorelei". "

Mrs.Filimonova Inna A.
www.salonloreleya.com - Russia


"Our business cooperation with INTERMAKER occurred purely by accident, but I also have to say, during my rather long work and life experience, I have never worked with someone who is doesn't fit into our work habits and standards, as is the case with Mr. Boban, the backbone INTERMAKER's.
With his professionalism, efficiency, speed and quality of work, creativity, culture, attentiveness and competitiveness, extremely fit and pointed to countries such as Japan and Germany. Every new business contact, about amendments to the site, I was always thrilled again.
To all my friends and acquaintances recommend it as a top choice for creating brilliant site and very permissive presentations, crafted very expeditiously and at very reasonable prices, with quality continuity in the further maintenance."

Mrs.Biljana Drincic - www.semendriacaccia.com


"Prior less than 16 months was put into operation lovac.in.rs site. Honest work and the publication of news in the field of hunting, as well as entries in the forum, this site is now recorded 500,000 visits, and with great technical support have been no problems in the work and functioning of the site. This opportunity to thank INTERMAKER."

Mr. Milan Brkic


"We are delighted with the INTERMAKER's work. Our website is designed by our choice, as we wanted. An incredible and fast operation of Inermaker we are quite surprised. Web page was completed within just 3 days. We declare gratitude INTERMAKER for all he has done for us so far ... Great greeting for all visitors to this site and of course a special greeting for INTERMAKER."

Mr. Jankovic
www.zuerichtaxi24.ch - Zurich Switzerland


"After we contacted Boban for the first time (on a Sunday afternoon, without prior notice) within half an hour he created a website from our material and according to our specifications and registered a domain name... a few hours later, the site and the email became available on the Internet under the new registered domain name.

I under the new domain lived in Greece, Australia and Germany and have cooperated with many business partners. I've never seen such a quick and efficient service, coupled with absolute friendliness and professionalism."

Mr. Ioannis Skantzos, translation agency METAphrasis, Berlin, Germany


"We would like to express our gratitude to INTERMAKER for helping us create a website that has been in the first positions for more than one year, and our website has an very interested design, it's very colorful and informative. Thank you for your professional approach, long-term cooperation and responsiveness."

The company RussaMet, Staraya Russa, Russia




Mr. Milos Kunovac


"Dear Sir, I would like to thank you for your cooperation and extremely professional approach to work. I must admit that we were very demanding clients when arranging the site, but thanks to your patience, diligence, knowledge and understanding of the job, you managed to answer all our requests precisely.
Thanks to your suggestions and suggestions, I am sure that now our company "Ukras" can boast of a site where our customers will have easier and faster access to all the necessary information.

INTERMAKER company for every compliment and recommendation.

Wishing our cooperation to last for many years to the mutual satisfaction,
Greetings. UKRAS DOO - Veliki Popovic"


And others writes to us...


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